10 Cool Painted Brick Houses

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Are you confused how your house will look like? Make it interesting and cool with green painted brick houses. Having a painted brick house is really suitable for you who like something rustic and modern blend to be one. Through that, you can present the feel of rustic and modern in a same time. Grab the other great ideas as the combination.

Present the rustic sense in your house by letting it unfinished. You don’t need to smooth it. The rough wall of brick will bring a different feel but cool. Then, you can start painting it with colors as you want. One of them is green.

There is a variety of green that you can choose. Yet, it’s better to color your brick house with shabby green. That color will not flashy but it is calm. So, it is nice to see. Apply it on all the wall of your house. Loose the monotonous of green by applying white, brown or red color.

You can work with white on the window frames and sills. You may also apply it on your chimney. Pair the white sills and frames with glass windows. Make the green painted brick houses cooler with dark roofs. Dark roofs can be your choice. Shake the calm of your green house with red color. Burn your spirit up when you are going to get to your house through the door. Use a glass door with red threshold.

You can frank the red door with traditional wall lamps. They will also make the green wall more stylish. Present more natural feels on the white sills. Place some green potted plants there. It’s better for you to add red color among the green color of the plants. One that should be considered to make your house perfect is by installing grey tile flooring. It is really cool. Last, adjust the use of furniture with green painted brick houses. You will have a great house.

8666+ images about Painted Brick Houses Design Ideas

4888+ images about Painted Brick Houses Design Ideas

4111+ ideas about Painted Brick Houses Decor Ideas

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