15 Awesome Blue Kitchen Designs

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Do you always cook in the morning? Don you enjoy cooking there? Don’t you feel bored with its look? Being in the kitchen for a long time and often can make you bored. But actually there is a way to make you feel at home in the kitchen. That’s by making a modern awesome blue kitchen.

By choosing blue as the dominant color, you will be comfortable staying there. The cool and unobtrusively of blue color make your eyes like to see. You can also combine it with white to get modern feels or you may also combine it with gold when you want your kitchen looks luxurious. Just choose which one you prefer to apply to your kitchen.

As you want to make a blue kitchen, so choosing blue furniture is a must for you. You can start from the cabinets. Take shiny blue cabinets. They will be the main point. So, before you go to continue the cabinet selection, it’s better to decide the best color for ceiling, wall and flooring. Coloring them with white is a good way. It’s cool to be combined with blue.

On the other hand, it also makes your kitchen bright. Don’t forget to build windows as the air circulation. You may have more than one window. As an air circulation determines the health of your kitchen. Beautify the windows with blue curtains with black and white pattern. Then, you will back to the cabinet selection. Blue cabinets will be more stylish by combining it with white backsplash with turquoise patterns. It will not only protect your kitchen from the oil and water splash, but it also add the beauty of your blue kitchen. Complete it with white countertop.

Having meals in your kitchen maybe one that you can if you feel bored eating in the dining room. You simply place round white table and white chairs with red pads around it. Light it with a pendant lamp. It’s simple but cool. In perfecting your blue kitchen, you can use your creative mind. Show them off and get a perfect modern awesome kitchen.

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