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The beauty of your bedroom can be presented through a headboard. By choosing great headboards, your bed will be more interesting. And of course it causes your bedroom greater. Maybe it’s usual for you to get headboards from stores. You can choose the best one freely and you pay for them. It happened when you don’t realize that you have a great ability to make a headboard DIY. You don’t believe that you can do that, right? It’s because you never try. Let’s try. You will be surprised that you are able to do that.

Do you live in a village? If so, it’s not hard for you to find bamboos. Most of villagers in a village have bamboos in their garden. Yet, if you don’t have it, don’t worry. You can ask other’s help to get it. Prepare the tools you need such as a saw, nails, a hammer, a knife and also ropes. Then, you can begin making it. First, cut the bamboo into some pieces with same length. Try to size it as long as the bed width. Use the saw to do it. After that, make the bamboo into like a board or sheet.

You can do that by dividing the bamboo without making it split. Make some bamboo sheets. You can unite them with ropes. Try to install the ropes beautifully. It has been finished. You can attach it on the wall behind the bed as the headboard to the ceiling over the bed. So, you will have a bamboo headboard and canopy that’s to be one. Make it as the point by coloring the room with white. Combine it with wooden flooring.

Make you sleep comfortably on a white bed with colorful flower sheet and pillows. Frank it with white wall lamps. Don’t forget to hang a traditional chandelier on the bamboo canopy. You may also put some green plants on the headboard DIY. It’s very natural and rustic. Perfect your great bedroom with an excellent headboard DIY by placing a green potted plant in the corner. You will get a fresh room to stay.

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