15 Inspiring Room Décor Ideas

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Don’t let rooms in your house boring. If you have had an uninteresting room, it’s time to make a big change. Grab inspiring room décor ideas and you can apply them to the rooms in your house. There are many decorations which you can take. You can choose the best and adjust it with the condition of the room.

Your best room décor ideas can be started from the wall decoration. Painting is maybe what you always do into your rooms. Yet, painting is not enough. You can combine it with wallpaper. Take a side of the wall and install it there. Try to get white and shabby green stripes wall paper. It will be amazing with the other sides of the wall which let in the plain shabby green.

You can place your white bed attached the wall where it’s covered by wallpaper. If it’s possible you’d better to have a white bed with shabby green headboard. Over the bed, you can install green shelves to keep your favorite novels. Add green photo frames between them. Then, you also need to decorate the windows. You may cover your white window with a unique shape curtain. You can make the curtains by yourself. Shape it as unique as possible. It will be unusual.

You also can give interesting decorations to the floor lamps. If you have much time, change the lampshade with the new which you made. But, it’s nothing wrong when you have to get in the store. Choose pattern green and white floor lamps to be put on the both sides of the bed. Another simple decoration that you can do is decorating the room with a rug. A rectangular or square rug is common. You can spread a circle rug, love rug, or you can choose the other unusual shapes. Spread them off, your room will be very interesting. The room décor ideas can also presented through the chandelier. Choose the great chandelier. It will bring a luxurious nuance to your room. You will like to stay there.

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