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Taking a bath with natural and different view is very interesting. When you lay down a part of your body in your bathtub, and you can see around of you the beautiful view of beach, it will make you feel different ambience. Make your own bathroom and decorate it as an outstanding outdoor bathroom and feel the natural leisure on your knees. Finish and wait that you will be singing in the rain with the nature surrounded outdoor bathroom.

To make an outstanding outdoor bathroom we need to find the right location in our house. The location should consider the privacy and the good view itself. It needs to be an option, to make you get the perfection in your own bathing. To get them both, we can use a corner in the back yard of your second floor. You have to ensure that your house is not in the middle of the complex. It should have natural view on your back corner.

Bathtub itself could be better for you to choose it in the white colour. To feel another experience, just find it in the shape of round. You will totally feel great. Make it more naturally by setting the shower right in middle-up of your bathtub (called as rain shower). Get it of round and bigger to get a rain experience when you are lying down in cool natural water. For your faucet, choose it a chrome shiny one. To grab its luxury, it should be supported with the shape of arched. Perfect your own idea by cover it with the wooden-shaped brown wall.

The flat and ordinary wall will lessen your satisfaction in having an outdoor bathing. The dimension of your shaped wall offers you a naturally calm atmosphere. Keep your room in a half-covered to get the real breeze in your room. Let your body feel all natural opulence in your own outstanding outdoor bathroom. Decorate it and get the different dimension of nature.

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