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One of the most important human needs is housing needs. Where it is a place where they live, shelter from bad weather, rest, spend time, and a place to share the love with loved ones. Many people want a comfortable home; even I think everyone wants it. They will work hard for it, including you. However, before you build your home, you need to decide what your house likes. There are many home models to choose from. One of them is green homes. The homes are very natural and environmentally friendly.

Start building your green homes by choosing the material you wants to use for it. Wood is the material most appropriate for your home. In addition to environmentally friendly, wood is also easy to obtain. You can find it anywhere. But you should remember that your home should be strong.

Erratic weather will make your home easily damaged if you are not using the right wood. Therefore, it would be better if you use teak. You can combine it with a bit of a brick wall. If you like to make your house looks more modern, you can paint it. Then, now you are going to choose the good flooring. You can install tiles or ceramics for the floor. Yet, it’s nothing wrong if you like to install wooden flooring. It’s also cool. You just need an extra care.

Your wooden house will look cooler with green yard and large pond. You can grow green grass around your house. Some trees are also needed. They can withstand the heat of sunlight to your home. The large pond can take the middle of the yard. It takes a lot of space. You can build it with stones.

Present a fountain in it. The gurgling of the water makes your house more natural. If you like to pass over the pond, you can add a bridge there. It’s cool, isn’t it? If you are an artist, you can show your crazy idea to the green homes. Thus, the home will be really yours.

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9333+ ideas about Green Homes Design Ideas

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