30 Wonderful Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

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Make your cooking into a fun activity. It makes you will never be bored to prepare breakfast for your beloved family. To make you glad and comfortable cook, you need to make your kitchen as one of the most comfortable places in your home. There are many ways that you can do in your kitchen. One of them is by making your kitchen into a wonderful farmhouse kitchen. Apply the nuance of farmhouse and combine it with your own creative mind.

The farmhouse kitchen can be designed from the cabinets. Do you know what the right cabinets for you? It is white painted cabinets. Try to use simple cabinets. Dress them up with lots of heavy molding and fluted corners. They go a long way to set a farmhouse style mood. Combine it with a farmhouse sink. Choose the big and open cabinets and they have an apron. They are very suitable for your kitchen.

Then, you can continue to the island and stools. You can place a large farmhouse table in the middle of the kitchen. It’s used to cook, prepare and eat on. Let the table on unusual edges. You don’t need to smooth it. You also don’t need to paint or color it. It will bring a rustic sense. Yet, it’s also possible to place a vintage ironing board works as an island there. Complete your kitchen with the best kitchen tools. Metal, upholstered and wood tools are good for you.

Besides requiring cooking tools you also need cutlery. If you keep your equipment in the cabinet, you can keep your cutlery in the open shelving and glass front cabinets. Place them among other cabinets. They are so farmhouse. Some that you can’t forget to make your kitchen wonderful is the color of wall, ceiling and floor. You can paint the ceiling with brown or cream. Combine it with brown wall. Make your feet steps sure to walk on the floor.

Classic flooring is what you need. Wood, painted floors and black and white linoleum flooring can be your choice. Last, perfect your wonderful farmhouse kitchen through the lighting. You can use yellow lighting from pendant lamps over the kitchen island. They add the dramatic nuance of farmhouse. Happy cooking there!

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