50 Extraordinary Luxurious Grey Living Room Designs

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A part of a house that is be a social place is living room. It becomes an important place where the house owner and his guests meet. So, make a comfortable living room is a must. But, show the luxury of grey living room is another great idea.

Living room which is dominated with grey can create a luxury by adding some gold on the some part of furniture. Firstly, paint the wall with soft grey. Dark wall will make your narrower. Choose light grey ceiling with gold and black frame. Decorative big light in the middle of the living room with gold crystal brings luxurious nuance for your grey living room. Take a part of wall side and paint it with grey horizontal lines. While for another side you can have a glass cabinet to show your trophy or awarded you got. Present the feel of a luxury by presenting a shiny black marble floor.

Besides luxury, shiny black color of the marble is able to give the impression of elegant. Choose a comfortable sofa that surrounds the glass table. Add some gray colored cushions. To beautify the sofa, cushions combine with different colors. You can choose plain black pillowcases, gray, or black patterned gray pillowcases. On the other cushion, you can add some gold or yellow pillowcases to produce a luxurious impression. Besides beautify your sofa, the cushions also make you feel comfort when you need to lean your back.

Make your legs feel comfort to step on by the existence of a gray rug. Don’t choose fur rug, but just use a simple rug. As fur rugs will give elegant sense. So, choose a simple dark grey rug spread on the shiny black marble fooling brings a strong character of the room. And let’s spoil your guest by luxurious lights. The yellow lights from the decorative lamps in the middle of the room give more luxurious impression. Welcome your guest in your luxurious grey living room.

8111+ images about Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

7000+ ideas about Grey Living Room Design Ideas

3555+ images about Grey Living Room Design Ideas

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