60 Brilliant Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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You get sweat after sport and you want to lose your tiring in your bathroom? But you don’t have a large bathroom? Don’t worry for that. You may make your bathroom to be a comfortable place to bath with smart small bathroom design ideas. Small bathroom can be looked larger when we use a neutral color. Just use a light brown ceramic to wrap your wall. Ceramic is really easy to be cleaned and it is durable for the problems related to the use of water. Combine the light brown wall with wood color ceramic for your floor.

Put your bathtub in the side part right in front of the door. Choosing the same colors between floor, door and small cupboard are really chic. Select light brown closet and put it in the front side of your bathtub near the door. In the opposite of the closet you may put a sink and mirror. Use mirror with wood color frame. It is fit with the door, floor, and cupboard. In you small bathroom of course you need to hang your clothes.

Paste the clothes hook near the door. Small bathroom design ideas also can be combined with chic ideas. To make your bathroom chic, the right lighting is needed, moreover for the small spaces. Use bright lights to brighten every single part of your bathroom. You don’t just use one lamp but you can put some wall lights in each part.

You can put two wall lights above the bathtub. They will make eyes feel comfort when you are soaking your body there. Add two more lights on the both side of the mirror. Their existence helps your activity of cleaning your face, brushing your teeth, and another activity. Above the toilet you can put two lights more. It makes your bathroom looks more spacious. Small bathroom design ideas will be look smart when you give a nature sense there. Put a pot of plant in the corner or under the clothes hook will make you feel fresh. Get your fresh body from here, smart bathroom.

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