How to Install Laminate Flooring

How to Install Laminate Flooring

How to install laminate flooring is not as difficult as it seems. You can consult to the expert if you want to make your flooring laminated. As we know that laminate floor gives rooms a beautiful new look. Some of you may feel bored of tile or porcelain flooring, but don’t worry to have a laminate flooring to make your room more beautiful with the natural color offered from the wooden flooring. To get your flooring laminated can be done in a day time. The price range is about $500 – $1000. Well, here are the steps.

What you need to do firstly is stacking the laminate flooring before installation. You need to consider the things that will influence the flooring planks, which are temperature and humidity. You need to acclimate the flooring in the house for 48 hours before installation. Then you can stack the laminate flooring being used flat on the floor. Make sure you have a little more flooring stock since you’ll waste just a little when cutting some pieces.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

After that, cleaning the subfloor is important to make sure it’s free of any dirt and debris. Then carefully remove all bases molding (if necessary) and place it out of the way. The next step in how to install laminate flooring is installing the vapor barrier. Follow the direction from the manufacturer to get the best result.

Lay the vapor barrier one row at a time from the longest wall of the room. Don’t forget to trim the door jambs using a flat saw or a coping saw to get the parallel cut to the subfloor. This will give the floor and jamb a nice finished look without having to remove the entire jamb. It will be better if you lay planks parallel to the longest wall and give spacer between them so that the floor can breathe. Now you can install the flooring and the last plank.

The last plank will need to be trimmed to fit until it sits evenly against spacers against the wall. The last things you need to do is installing thresholds between the end of the flooring and install base molding to cover the extension gap. Well then, you’re done. You get a new look in your room. It looks beautiful now on the flooring. You can practice how to install laminate flooring.

Fantastic Outdoor Spa Ideas for Your Home

Outdoor Spa

When summer has come, some people, women or men enjoy it very much. By coming this season, they do everything outside. Eating, swimming, walking and many other things which cannot be mentioned one by one in detail are usually they do during this season. Even, people who work all day in their home or office and just have little time for taking a rest or having relax, they will be so pleasure do the activities outside to refresh their mind.

They are suggested to have a simple and exciting spa in their garden. Here is the example of some compositions of it, for instance having natural stones or woods. These stones usually have small and medium size. Those things are located around a place for having spa. Thus, it will make the place nicer and has good impression itself.

Outdoor Spa

Furthermore, to make this outdoor spa more relax and luxurious, the owners are able to add some fresh flowers on the pure water. Besides, natural soaps and cosmetics can be put around the spa place. The owners can also decorate the amazing spa with beautiful wooden and some interesting stone accessories. It will be more colorful and peaceful.

In addition, they can add a long transparent white curtain in order to look gorgeous. It is just a selection, it is up to the owners, they will use the curtain or not. Then, by planting some fresh and green plants, the outdoor spa will more attractive and enjoyable. When there are guests coming to this trendy spa, they will feel comfortable and stay in every time.

Around the spa, they can put some unique lamps to make it sparkling. In some places for having spa, there is a modern shower and attractive spray. If all of those compositions which are mentioned before are combined well, it will create fresh and natural atmosphere of spa.

How to Install Vinyl Fence for Cool Exterior

How to Install Vinyl Fence

How to install vinyl fence will help you to build the fence with vinyl. This is great material that is really appropriate for your fence. It is because the vinyl is durable and strong materials. On the other hand, vinyl is weathered and match with any style and design of the home. Besides, there are many styles and colors that you can choose as the materials of your fence. We will give you some great instructions of vinyl fence installation.

1. Preparing the project. In this step, you have to prepare the ground for the fence. You can start from cleaning and smoothing the area in which the vinyl fence will be installed. You can remove any plants, bushes, trees and or stationary object first. After it is done, you can measure the area. Determine the length of the area that will install the vinyl fence. It is done to know how much vinyl you need and order. After that, you can purchase the vinyl fencing and posts then you can mark each post where you want to install the fence.

How to Install Vinyl Fence

2. Installing the fence. After you are done with preparing the project, it is time for you to install the fence. You should measure and dig holes for your fencing pots. Place the posts one at a time and fill it with the concrete. Before filling the holes, you have to measure each posts. It is done to get perfect measure of them and you will get perfect vinyl fence. If you are convince with the measuring, you can install the vinyl section between the posts.

3. Attaching the vinyl post with the hardware that is provided. This is the most important tips for how to install vinyl fence. Arrange the vinyl fence of your home based on manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to pay attention because wrong installation will make the vinyl fence looking worse. Some vinyl fences come with top decoration for the post; therefore, by looking the instruction, you will know how to install it correctly.

There are simple instructions that you can use to install the vinyl fence in your home. You can follow the instruction to get perfect installation. If you want something greater, you have to consider the color of the vinyl fence. It is good to decide the color that will help you to make your home looks more attractive and cozy. If we were you, we will choose white vinyl fence. It gives calm look but make the area looks awesome.