How to Clean Bamboo Floors That Will Blow Your Mind

How to clean bamboo floors can be an easy project to make your home performance looks incredible. cleaning the floor perhaps the easy project to be done, but it have consider what kind of flooring you will clean up. The special floors material will consider how to clean it. Moreover, using unsuitable cleaning solution will make the floor looks worse and discolored. For bamboo flooring, it has special treatment to clean it. We will show you about it.

1. Use soft bristle broom or a vacuum cleaner. Those cleaning appliances are used to clean the dust or dirt on the bamboo flooring. It is the simple way to get cleaning flooring. You can do it every day when you have spare time. Besides, sweep the floor or use vacuum cleaner can lose particulate on the regular basic. If you want more, you can use the floor care essential for bamboo hardwood flooring.

How to clean bamboo floors

2. Using polish remover. The polish remover will help you to remove the stubborn stains, like oil, paint, markers, or tar, on your bamboo flooring. It is good idea to use this kind of remover, but be careful because if you do in wrong way, you can discolor your floor. Bamboo wood flooring usually use varnish to color and give beautiful touch to the floor. When you use polish remover, you will discolor the varnish and make the floor looks worse.

3. Use ice. This is next tips how to clean bamboo floors, few people do not know the function of the ice for cleaning the floor. It is used to harden tough substance, like chewing gum or wax. You can apply the ice to the stains and then scrape with a plastic scraper. If you do this process, be careful not to scrape harder. It will break the surface of the floor itself. After scraping, it is suggested to wipe the cleaning area with a soft and slightly damp cloth.

4. Apply the floor mats. Using mats is one of good ideas to keep the bamboo laminate flooring still good. You can place the floor mats at the entrances and exits. The mats will trap and collect the corrosive substances, like sand, oil, dirt, grit, asphalt or even driveway sealer. You can put the mats in high traffic areas to make sure your laminate flooring good and beautiful look. Choose the appropriate mats material to give more protection to the surface of your lovely bamboo flooring.

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