How to Clean Bathtub and Cool Tips to Make a Wooden Bathtub

How to make a wooden bathtub will help you to create a unique bathtub based on your design. It is an effective way to get bathtub that is appropriate with your bathroom. Using wooden bathtub means you apply the elegant and classic style of decoration in one room. It is shiny and fantastic bathroom appliance that makes the room looks awesome. The color of wood give relax ambience so that the user will feel comfortable in his or her take a bath. If you want to build up your own wooden bathtub, you have to know what materials used and the instructions.

1. Material and tools preparation. To build the wooden bathtub, you need steamed beech wood. It is good material of your wooden bathtub that can handle the absorbed water. And for tool, you will need a handsaw and miter saw. They are used to cut the wood in your shape. You also need wooden glue to attach each part of the wood. Do not forget about machine drill to hole the bathtub in nailing it. Use the wooden nail to make your wooden bathtub perfect.

How to make a wooden bathtub

2. Bathtub installation. In installing all parts of the bathtub, you have to do carefully. Make sure you attach every part in strong glue. You make you easy working of your project, create the mark lines as your guides in installing the bathtub. Every layer of the parts, nail them with wooden nails so that they are attached accurately. The last step is decorating the bottom of the bathtub with feet. It will give awesome look of the wooden bathtub. Varnish it to get beautiful face of the bathtub.

When you have a wooden bathtub in your bathroom, you have to know how to clean bathtub. It will help you to keep your bathtub clean and look fantastic. Therefore, we will give you some tips in cleaning the bathtub. DIY cleaning bathtub is one of the best ideas in for you. It is because you can do it by yourself in your spare time or weekend. You just have to know what kind of homemade cleaner for your bathtub.

1. Vinegar. This kind of cleaner is the most perfect material to clean your bathtub. Provide the vinegar that mix with water and pour it to the bathtub. Make sure you know how much vinegar you need. It will help you to avoid any damage of your bathtub. After pouring the vinegar, allow it to sit for 10 to 20 minutes. It is done to break down mold, grime and discoloration. After that, you can scrub the bathtub with clean cloth.

2. Hot water. It is homemade cleaner that is really easy to served and also cheap. You can boil the water to clean your bathtub. Hot water can remove any mold and stains in your bathtub. If there is hard stain, you can add baking soda. It will help you to clean the bathtub from hard stain easily. Make sure you clean every space of the bathtub to get perfect cleaning. Do not use abrasive chemical cleaner because it will give damage to your bathtub.

Build the wooden bathtub ill make your bathroom looks awesome and fantastic. Natural material of the bathtub creates the natural decoration in your bathroom. Moreover, it is supported by the natural color of the varnish. Special varnish for bathtub is needed to reduce discoloring of the bathtub itself. On the other hand, you have to pay attention in cleaning the bathtub according to its material. Different material will give different treatment in cleaning the bathtub.

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