How to Clean Vinyl Siding In Easy Steps

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

How to clean vinyl siding should be done in correct way. It is fun activity that you can do in spare time on your weekend. Cleaning the vinyl siding is the regular maintenance that should be done to make the home looks beautiful and cozy. The beautiful home will impress the home owner personality. We will talk about it and something that related to the vinyl siding. Please check this out!

1. Checking. In this step, you should check the condition of the siding and the windows. It is done to make sure the siding is all in good condition without any pieces have become loose. You also have to check the cracks of the siding to make sure the water do not penetrate it. The net thing that you have to check is the length of the siding. Check all of your windows are shut and see the caulking of the windows is in good condition.

2. Prepare the washer. In this step, you will need washer to make you easier in cleaning the vining siding. You can add soap to clean the vinyl quickly. For the first cleaning, you can set the angle of the water in 45 degree. Make sure the water covers all of pieces of the vinyl. Make sure the pressure water is right. It is because hard pressure water will make your painting abraded. You can start your project from the top of vinyl. When it is done, spray it with clean water with 15 to 20 degree angle. It will provide a strong pressure steam to remove the soap effectively.

3. Clean and dry the corner. After the cleaning with water is done, you should clean and dry the vinyl siding directly. It can help you to remove any water on your siding and surrounding. Use the clean and dry towel to do it. It is better for you to use the smooth tower to avoid the stretch of the vinyl. In the corner, it is usually wet; therefore, you have to concern of this part of the siding.

When you talk about cleaning the vinyl siding, it should be better if we talk about how to install vinyl siding too. To install the vinyl siding is really easy if you have all needed. In this case, you should prepare the materials, tools and anything needed. We have good solution in installing the vinyl siding. So you have to scrutinize accurately to get perfect installation of your vinyl siding.

1. Prepare the materials and tools. To get perfect installation, you will need level, tape measure, snips, hammer, chalk line and nails. They are basic tools and materials that are needed in installing the vinyl siding. You can start to measure the side of your home that will be installed the vinyl siding. By measuring the space, you will know how length the vinyl will be cut.

2. Cut the vinyl siding and corner post. After knowing the length of the vinyl needed, you can cut them. You can use chalk line to make mark. Cut them in the marks to get perfect length. Then you can cut the corner post that will use as the vinyl line. Nail the corner post at the top of the post and check for plumb. After all of part is ready, you can start to install the vinyl siding. Do it correctly so that you get the beautiful vinyl siding.

Those are the ways to clean up the vinyl siding and how to install it. You can arrange them in your style to create the unique pattern. If you want more, you apply painting vinyl siding. It is good for you to get the beautiful color of your siding. Try to choose the appropriate one to math with your home decoration. Make sure the painting that you use is for vinyl because if it is not, it will be easy to abrading.

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