How To Clean Wood Furniture That Will Impress You

How to clean wood furniture will give you easy instruction to make your furniture looks new and great. The furniture is even used as the room decoration in the home. Therefore, it should look clean and awesome to create the elegant impression of the room decoration; so it should be cleaned frequently. We are really sure that the furniture in your home is modern and elegant. But how about the old one? Do we clean in the same way? Well, we will give you some tips about how to clean old wood furniture. Here for you!

1. Cleaning the furniture. For the first step of cleaning, you will need a mild cleaner; but you have to choose the appropriate mild cleaner for your antique furniture. Using harsh chemicals are a bed idea. To clean the old furniture, it is recommended to use a mild dish soap diluted in water. It is a safe choice for most old or antique furniture. Then you can use soft cloth to rub the surface of the furniture with your chosen cleaner. Do not forget to remove the stuck on stains – using steel wool is recommended. For hard to reach places, you can use a toothbrush.

How To Clean Wood Furniture

2. Maintaining old furniture. For this step, you can clean the furniture by dusting regularly. It is the important thing that you have to do to keep your old furniture clean. You can use duster to clean the furniture from the dust and dirt. The other way to keep your old furniture in good looking is placing the furniture out of sunlight. The UV light will damage the antique furniture. Therefore, it is bad idea to put the furniture under the sunlight.

3. Keep the furniture dry. It is the best way to clean wood furniture. Dry furniture will be difficult to get moisture or mold. But if it is, you have to clean it with special liquid, such as hot water. But after cleaning with hot water, you have to dry it with smooth and dry towel. Drying process will avoid the mold of the furniture. The smooth can reduce the damage of the stretch on the surface. You can use a humidifier in a drying environment. It helps you to store your old furniture without mold, and it is the best way of how to clean mold off wood furniture.

Those are the perfect way to clean your wood furniture in your home. You have to clean the old furniture and antique furniture in correct way to get durability and make them in good looking. If it is run well, you not only get beautiful and clean furniture but great and elegant decorations. Do not miss any space in cleaning of your old wood furniture because it will influence the furniture looks.

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