How to Install a Garage Door Opener

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Make your home safe by installing a garage door opener.It is necessary to protect things in your garage. To install it, you don’t need to ask help to a carpenter. You can do that yourself. Learn how to install a garage door opener and it is solved.

First, before you start the steps of how to install a garage door opener, you need to remove and unplug the old garage door opener. Do it with other’s help. Disconnect the sensors and loosen the bolts holding the motor to the bracket while other disconnects the hardware at the garage door. Then, remove the bolts and lower assembly. You also need to remove all old brackets and clear a space in the garage to assemble the new one.

Prepare everything you need, screws and hardware, and you can star to install the new garage door opener.Next, measure, mark and mount the bracket. You can do that by finding the centerline of your garage door and extend that up to the header. Mark the holes for the mounting bracket. You can use a torpedo level to make sure everything’s nice and level.

Wear glasses and drill pilot holes for the bolts. Mount the bracket using a socket driver. Third is aligning the track. Install the front of the track to the bracket. Put the motor houses on a ladder. Make sure that it’s at a 90-degree angle to the garage door. Last, secure the motor and finish installation. When it’s aligned, attach metal hanging straps to motor.

Secure the other end of straps to the ceiling joists or rafter. Secure the track and opener arm at the garage door. You can install motion sensors about 4″-6″above ground level. Then, connect the wiring for the sensors and switch. Plug in the opener and you can test the machine. It has finished. Your garage door opener is installed. You have known how to install a garage door opener. Apply them to help you installing your garage door opener.

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8000+ images about How to Install a Garage Door Opener Decor Ideas

8777+ images about How to Install a Garage Door Opener Design Ideas

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