How to Install Pergo Flooring for Modern Interior

How to install pergo flooring should be done appropriately. It is because perfect installing will make your home looks great and awesome. Therefore, you have to prepare the Pergo flooring installation. In this article, we want to discuss how to install Pergo flooring in a simple way. Therefore, you have to pay attention on this article because we have some tips for you to install the Pergo flooring and make your home looks great.

1. Acclimate flooring. This is the important process that you have to do before installing the Pergo flooring. It can make the installation perfect. On the other hand, acclimating the flooring will make sure your flooring is ready to install. You can let it at least 48 hours to 72 hours for solid hardwood. After the floor is ready, you can start your project to make your floor room looks awesome.

How to Install Pergo Flooring

2. Remove any carpet and padding. When you want to install Pergo laminate flooring, you need to remove the carpet. It is done to facing up the natural floor. Under the carpet, there is always dust on the pads. You can remove it using cleaning solution for the substances and the dust using broom and mop. Make sure the surface is clean properly to get perfect floor installations.

3. Check your subfloor for moisture. It is good idea to determine the subfloor for moister. It is used to make your Pergo floors durable and long lasting. In this case, you can use vapor barrier. It is the best thing that you can use to be subfloor if you concern in moisture. It helps you to save your fiberboard from the moisture. Remember, you have to apply correctly and appropriately so that you get the maximize result.

4. Make sure your subfloor is level and flat. Level and flat flooring will influence the result of the installation. Use the water-pass to measure weather the floor is level and flat or not. If there are holes, you have to fill them. Holing floors make the installation worse and ugly. After filling the holes, you have to recheck the level of the floor. If you convince with the floor is leveled, you can start to install the Pergo flooring.

When we discuss about the Pergo flooring, we should discuss about how to clean Pergo flooring too. It is important to get the cleaning area of the floor. To clean this kind of the floor, you will need smooth broom or a vacuum cleaner. If you need more, you can use mops with detergent or soap. After mopping, it is better for you to use smooth cloths to dry the floor. It helps to reduce the wet area of the floor that can produce any damages.

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