How to Remove a Carpet

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One of the beauties of your home is the carpet. But sometimes the beauty of it will be reduced if the existing carpet in your home already wearing out. So you need to replace it. Replacing old carpet and new carpet is something that is not hard to do. How to remove a carpet before you replace with a new carpet?

Here some ways how to remove a carpet.

1. First, before removing the carpet you need to move the furniture out of the area where you will be removing carpet. You can move it to adjacent rooms where you are not yet carpeting; place it outside (cover it if there is any chance of moisture); or rent a storage area temporarily.

2. Clean the carpet. You can do that by vacuuming the carpet. It will help to cut down on dust as you pull up the carpet.

3. Care about your health. Wear a dust mask if the carpet is very old or got wet. Wear heavy work gloves to protect your hands and sturdy, thick-soled, close-toed shoes that will protect your feet if you step on a tack strip or staple.

4. Then, Pull up the edge of the carpet, near any wall. Use pliers to grip the fibers if you need to.

5. Next, remove the carpet padding underneath. In most cases, the carpet padding will also need to be replaced or removed. It should be replaced if it is old or stained. Carpet padding is usually just stapled down. Pull it up, cut it into smaller strips if necessary for handling, and roll it as you did the carpet.

6. Carry the rolls of carpet and padding out of the rooms where you are working.

7. Remove the tack strips. Wedge a flat bar underneath of the tack strip (the strip with nails coming through to the top). Pull up staples left from the padding. Pliers and a flat-bladed screwdriver will help get underneath.

8. Last, clean the floor. Sweep or vacuum as necessary to remove debris left from the old carpet.

Those are how to remove a carpet. And now you can change with the new one.

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