How to Install Laminate Flooring

How to Install Laminate Flooring

How to install laminate flooring is not as difficult as it seems. You can consult to the expert if you want to make your flooring laminated. As we know that laminate floor gives rooms a beautiful new look. Some of you may feel bored of tile or porcelain flooring, but don’t worry to have a laminate flooring to make your room more beautiful with the natural color offered from the wooden flooring. To get your flooring laminated can be done in a day time. The price range is about $500 – $1000. Well, here are the steps.

What you need to do firstly is stacking the laminate flooring before installation. You need to consider the things that will influence the flooring planks, which are temperature and humidity. You need to acclimate the flooring in the house for 48 hours before installation. Then you can stack the laminate flooring being used flat on the floor. Make sure you have a little more flooring stock since you’ll waste just a little when cutting some pieces.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

After that, cleaning the subfloor is important to make sure it’s free of any dirt and debris. Then carefully remove all bases molding (if necessary) and place it out of the way. The next step in how to install laminate flooring is installing the vapor barrier. Follow the direction from the manufacturer to get the best result.

Lay the vapor barrier one row at a time from the longest wall of the room. Don’t forget to trim the door jambs using a flat saw or a coping saw to get the parallel cut to the subfloor. This will give the floor and jamb a nice finished look without having to remove the entire jamb. It will be better if you lay planks parallel to the longest wall and give spacer between them so that the floor can breathe. Now you can install the flooring and the last plank.

The last plank will need to be trimmed to fit until it sits evenly against spacers against the wall. The last things you need to do is installing thresholds between the end of the flooring and install base molding to cover the extension gap. Well then, you’re done. You get a new look in your room. It looks beautiful now on the flooring. You can practice how to install laminate flooring.

15 Creative & Inspiring Small Kitchen Ideas

Small Kitchen Ideas

Small kitchen ideas are important to know to get perfect decoration in small space. The ideas will help you to determine what kind of design that is appropriate for your kitchen and that furniture. In small kitchen, it should be smart design that can maximize the space of the room. In determining the best design and decoration, there are some good ideas that you can use to make your small kitchen great and awesome.

1. Colors. It will be the best idea to determine the best color for your small kitchen. Some people prefer to use bright color to create bigger impression of the room, but it is not perfectly true. You can use dark color that applied to the furniture, wall and floor. The dark color brings the elegant ambience to the small kitchen. Dark natural wood is even used in this space. It should be combined with appropriate design and furniture to get perfect look of the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Ideas

2. Furniture and interior. In small kitchen, using smart design of the furniture and interior are needed. Use small kitchen island ideas will give you working space of the kitchen. The island should have storage space that can be used to store kitchen appliances or even moving furniture, such as stools, chairs, or benches. For extra storage, you can use hanging cabinets on the kitchen area.

3. Maximize the space. To get perfect design, you should maximize every space in your kitchen. It can be done by building the wall storage space. Wall is one of the best small kitchen storage ideas that can make the space looks bigger. Build a kitchen island attached on the wall can be another clever idea. Folding Kitchen Island makes the kitchen design incredible. To give modern touch, unique galls chairs are good ideas to support the sitting area.

4. Kitchen shape. All types of kitchen shape can be applied in small space. They have own function to maximize the space. I-shape kitchen will allow you to easy moving so that you get large space for your kitchen activities. L-shape kitchen give you more working area to place the kitchen appliance, while the U-shape brings extra storage space in your small kitchen. You have to be smart in choosing the appropriate kitchen as your small kitchen remodel ideas.

Organizing the small kitchen need some preparation. It is done to get perfect design of the kitchen. Moreover, the design is the basic thing the will determine your small kitchen look. Therefore, finding small kitchen design ideas are needed. Consulting with professional home décor is recommended. It is done to get the best design for your small kitchen. Or you can try to find, by yourself, the appropriate model of your space.

10 Creative Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas

Small bathroom ideas will help you to organize the small bathroom in perfect look. Organizing the small bathroom is needed to get large impression. Besides, beautiful small bathroom will break out the boring ambience. Today, there is a lot of house that is designed in minimalist style. It causes the bathroom is in small space. Therefore, to make the small bathroom looks awesome, it should be given some perfect designs and decoration. There are some suggestions to give you guidelines in decorating the small bathroom.

1. Color. One of the best ideas for small bathrooms that you can do is determining the color. It is the best way to get bathroom in larger impression. Using light color is the most appropriate one. But if you thing it is boring, you can use contrast color for your small bathroom. Green and white are good combination that makes the small space looks great. Green will show you natural impression of the bathroom decoration, while white is used to get brighter room and make the room looks bigger.

Small Bathroom Ideas

2. Storage. In small bathroom, storage space is big problem. Therefore, you have to be smart to design your small bathroom with storage space. The greatest small bathroom storage ideas are making built-in storage part of the design. It is clever solution for storage space in small bathroom. In can be built under the sing area. To make it looks so great, you can use curtain in calm color to cover the storage area. It can impress the comfortable look of small bathroom.

3. Glass for illusion. To make the small bathroom looks bigger, you can use glass as illusion. It can be done for your glass door. Using glass door in small bathroom bring the modern minimalist design. It is good to make the small bathroom great and awesome. Unique mirror also can be used to create illusion n small bathroom. Cover the whole walls with mirror that can allow you to see from one end to the other of the room. Using glass to create illusion can be one of the greatest small bathroom remodel ideas.

Taking the perfect design for small bathroom is important to be considered. It can be the basic things that you have done to beautify the small space. In the bathroom, the appliances should match with the design you applied. They will be the centerpieces of the small bathroom. Finding the ideas for small bathrooms will give you guidelines in making beautiful face of your bathroom. Make sure you choose the appropriate design to get perfect small bathroom look in your home.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Fridge With Our Great Tips

How to Clean Stainless Steel Fridge

How to clean stainless steel fridge will help you to make your fridge looks beautiful and awesome. It is important to clean the fridge frequently because it is place to put your food. If the place is dirty, of course it will grow the bacteria. The fridge is usually made of stainless steel. It is beautiful material that will glow the decoration of the kitchen. To make this kitchen appliance always clean, you should clean as much as possible. Now we will give you the ways of how to clean a stainless steel fridge.

1. Use proper material and rubbing technique. In this case, you should use nonabrasive cleaning cloth. It is because stainless steel is easy to scratch; therefore, using nonabrasive cleaning cloth can reduce the scratches on the stainless steel surface. It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth that can work better than lint-free cartoon. The other cleaning cloth that you can use is paper towels. It can use to finishing process of cleaning.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Fridge

2. Choose a cleaner. It is important to choose the appropriate cleaner to your fridge. It is done to avoid any damage to the stainless steel surface. Plain water can be the first idea as the fridge cleaner. It is cheapest cleaning method for your fridge. You can also use oil to clean the stainless steel. But using oil, you will require extra drying to soak up the oil. This method will leave a glossy sine but a darker shade.

3. White vinegar and water. Vinegar is usually used as cleaning solution for kitchen appliances. It works well to clean any dust, dirt and stain in stainless steel. To get homemade cleaner, you have to mix the white vinegar and water together and put in the spray bottle. In get this cleaner, you should mix using three parts white vinegar and one part water. Just spray it to your fridge and wipe with paper towels.

The ways to clean your stainless steel fridge will give you correct guide. It helps to clean any space of the fridge so it looks beautiful. Those tips also can be your good suggestions of how to clean stainless steel fridge door too. Make sure you use the correct instruction to clean your stainless steel kitchen appliances to avoid any scratches on your appliances. If you use commercial cleaner, you have to make sure the cleaner is used for stainless steel and you have follow the instruction.

How to Mount TV on Wall for Minimalist Interior

How to Mount TV on Wall

How to mount TV on wall is really needed to know when want to mount TV on the wall. By knowing the way to do it, you will know the correct instructions. Besides, they will help you to make your project easier. Knowing the instructions is important to know to give you’re the direction. It is because if you mount the TV on the wall in wrong way, perhaps it will break your TV and wall. Therefore, we will show you the correct instruction of how to wall mount a TV.

1. Preparing the brackets. Before you mount the TV on the wall, you should have the brackets first. May be you need $50 or $60 dollars to purchase the brackets set. Make sure you order the correct size of the brackets. After you got it, you can start to remove the base that comes with the TV. Lay the TV on the flat and soft item in glass down. Look for the four holes on the back of the TV to place the screws. Put the mounting bracket on the back of the TV and screw them.

How to Mount TV on Wall

2. Find the spot of the wall. You have to determine the spot of the wall to mount the TV. After you know the spot, you can mark them and make four holes based on the size of the brackets. Drill pilot holes according to your marks. Place the mounting bracket on the wall using screws. You should use the screw that bigger that the holes. It is done to get strong screwing of the brackets.

3. Check the brackets. It is important to check the brackets before you hang the TV on it. Make sure the brackets can hold the weight of the TV. Do not make any mistake in this step because if you make mistake, you will not get correct installation of the mount. Recheck each screw to make sure strengthen of them. When it is done, the TV is ready to mount on the wall.

4. Hanging the TV on the wall. After installing the brackets is done, you can pick up your TV to be hung on the wall. Try to hang carefully because you have to hold the TV in installing it. If it is needed, you can find some helps from other guys to help you in holding the TV. If you are alone, you can use the table or anything to hold it. Crew the TV on the brackets in strong position. You can start screwing the TV from the top holes.

Those are the effective ways that will help you to get hanging TV. After you mount the TV on the wall, you can enjoy watch TV with your family. But you have to know that mounting the TV on the wall need good preparations. Remember, when drilling the holes, you should drill them in small holes. If it is not enough bigger, you will be easy to make the bigger one.